Street Photography in Black & White

    Master Guide to Composition (E-Book, 72 pages)

    Learn how to take your photos to the next level with composition.

    What makes a good photo a good photo?

    Often we think it is the latest equipment, but in reality it always comes down to knowledge and how to use it properly. Composition, as complicated as this word might sound, is the ultimate key element when it comes to good photography.

    So I created this book for you, where I guide you through the best techniques to take great photos every time. Composition is an easy task, if you know the rules, and the best part is that you do not even have to apply them – you can bend them or even break them. However if you know what they are all about, you can start creating great images instantly.

    In Order to make this book for you really easy to understand I chose black and white images only. Without the distraction of color, you will easily understand these techniques and be able to apply them for you.

    I visited various european cities to offer you a variety of different kinds of visual impressions with the techniques applied. These techniques can be uses in every single situation, because it is what photography is all about. Good composition and the understanding of applying, bending or even breaking them.

    To make it even more easier, I went out on the streets for you to get the best and most easy way to see the real impact of good composition. So all this book is about is to show you the easiest way to get the best pictures you can take, applying the compositional techniques every professional uses. Buy the book, enjoy your new gained knowledge about photography and become a master in composition.

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